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The NBA player’s empowerment era, which started after LeBron James’ “Decision” brought several positives in the game that helped the league to increase its marketability expanding its popularity even more.

For Hall of Famer Chris Mullin this era brought also an important issue on the surface as teams failing to develop the much-needed chemistry among teammates.

“The biggest factor … is free agency,” the former Warriors player and general manager said on NBC Sports’ “Lunch Talk Live,” per NBC Sports.

“There wasn’t as much movement with the star players. You’d build your teams around those guys, you would run in veterans to try and help them get over the top, the core stays the same, which helped chemistry, helped with teamwork.”

Mullin played through the 80s and 90s era, in which teams used to stay together for a long time. On these days, with the players’ salaries up to an all-time high, it’s easier for them to choose to leave for a bigger market or a chance to win an NBA title.

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