Chris Webber was a legitimate superstar during his prime years, playing for the Sacramento Kings. The power forward had a great run with Sacramento’s franchise molding the Kings to a title contender during the early 2000s.

Bobby Jackson and Doug Christie, two former teammates of C-Webb in Sacramento, claimed the Michigan alumni is a “no-doubt” Hall of Famer.

Here is what the two former Kings’ guard said in the NBC Sports’ Purple Talk podcast, per

“I think he is a Hall of Famer, if you look at his numbers, if you look at his career,” Jackson said. “He didn’t win an NBA championship here in Sacramento, but he allowed us the glory and he gave us a gust of wind that we needed to be relevant.”

“Undoubtedly, in my opinion, [Webber’s] a Hall of Famer, no doubt,” added Christie. “He set the tone of being unselfish and I think that speaks to who he was even more.”

Webber was one of the most talented power forwards the league ever encountered having a great set of skills. As Jackson said, per

“Jackson also added that Webber ‘[was] one of the most talented big men I’ve ever seen with his ball-handling, his shooting, his passing and he was also a great teammate.'”

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