Jay Williams on what LeBron James needs to do to be an All-Time Top 5 Laker

LeBron James
Photo: ESPN/YouTube

LeBron James is an all-time great player but to be considered as an All-Time Top 5 Laker he needs to have some achievements in Los Angeles. Former NBA player Jay Williams believes it would take for James to win multiple championships with the Lakers.

“He has to win multiple chips wearing the Lakers uniform. There’s no way he’s going to surpass Kareem with five, there’s no way he’s going to surpass Kobe Bean Bryant with five, Magic Johnson with five, Shaquille O’Neal with three,” the former second overall pick said on ESPN’s Get Up.

According to Williams, there is only one player whose place LeBron could take in the Top 5. It’s the NBA logo Jerry West. Although that would be very tough to accomplish as The King would have to win at least two championships for the Purple & Gold in the next couple of years.

“The only person that would be able to potentially eclipse is Mr. Clutch. The thing that works against LeBron James for Mr. Clutch is that Mr. Clutch was a Laker his entire career,” Williams continued. “He was pretty much an All-Star every single year he played. The logo. He won a championship in 1972. And for most the part, Greeny, a lot of his championships were hindered due to Bill Russell. That’s gonna be a large feat to accomplish. But I think that would be the only one he would be able to potentially do if he were to win two chips in the next couple of years.”