Isiah Thomas punches Rick Mahorn in the head, Mahorn doesn’t flinch

Detroit Pistons legend Isiah Thomas in action during his playing days. Photo: Twitter /

April 19, 1990 – Less than a year after helping the Detroit Pistons earn their first NBA championship, Rick Mahorn returned to the Palace as a Philadelphia 76er and found himself in the middle of multiple skirmishes during his team’s 107-97 victory.

First, former teammate Isiah Thomas took two swipes at Mahorn’s head. Later, a Mahorn dunk would incite a full-on brawl most famously remembered for Bill Laimbeer and Charles Barkley’s fisticuffs. The resulting punishments:

Suspensions – Bill Laimbeer (1 game), Charles Barkley (1 game), Scott Hastings (1 game); Fines – Laimbeer ($20,000), Barkley ($20,000), Hastings ($10,000), Isiah Thomas ($7,500), 10 players ($500 apiece for leaving the bench), each team ($50,000 for failing to control its players), per Ryan Van Dusen: