LeBron James on teaching Bronny: “He literally has a Super Contra Chico unlimited ammo”

LeBron James, Bronny James
Photo: Jay LaPrete/Associated Press

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James talked to Maverick Carter and Paul Rivera about teaching his oldest son Bronny (LeBron James Jr.). James said seeing his kids grow is such a special feeling that he can only compare to meeting Michael Jordan for the first time.

As far as teaching Bronny, he has the luxury of learning from the best in his father. “There’s nothing that Bronny will ever see that I have not been a part of. He literally has s Super Contra Chico unlimited ammo if he wants it. We all know kids they won’t come to you and ask you for advice,” LeBron said.

While Bronny might not be coming to his father for advice in his teenage years, James stated he will always be there to teach him if his son needs it.