Photo: AP Photo/David J. Phillips

The debate of who is better – LeBron James or Michael Jordan – is still on, with Daryl Morey giving his own perspective to the matter at hand.

Morey gave an interview on ESPN LA’s Mason and Ireland talk radio show, making his case that LeBron is the greatest human ever played basketball, but the comparison with MJ is not fair to his “Airness” due to the evolution of the game.

That’s what Morey said, per

“People love to talk about this. For sure LeBron is the greatest human to play basketball. That’s not even a question, but it’s not even fair to Michael Jordan to say that. LeBron is years later and the game has evolved. And every athlete is pretty much better than the athletes were 30 years ago.

If you put MJ in the league now, that would be an interesting discussion but if you just want to say who is the best human to ever play basketball, I think it’s pretty obvious.”