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The sports betting audience is exponentially growing, particularly in countries where online sports betting is legal. Today, the number of sports betting material written like keeps on increasing, thanks to the growth in web development and introduction of eBooks.

You shouldn’t be surprised to realize that your local library has an entire row dedicated to sports betting books. When you add all these to the hundreds of free-advice given inform of web content, you will realize that you have endless valuable resources on the internet. That’s why this post shall discuss the Top 10 books about sports betting you need to read.

1. Sharp Sports Betting – Stanford Wong

This is a must-read for people who love sports betting. In fact, some bettors consider this book to be the “betting bible.” It’s very easy to scan through its chapters—thanks to its glossary. The book focuses solely on NFL football, although you can apply its lessons to other markets. Sharp Sports Betting was first written in 2001, but there have been a few revisions since then.

2. Gambling Wizards—Conversations with the World’s Greatest Gamblers – Richard Munchkin

The author of this book—Richard Munchkin, is one of the greatest authors of sports betting. Before writing the book, Richard worked as a TV & film producer, blackjack dealer, and Vegas pit boss. Gambling Wizards is his greatest contribution so far.

Gambling Wizards is a great and interesting read for both sports bettors and non-bettors. The open discussions in the book are both entertaining and educational.

3. Fixed-Odds Sports Betting – Joseph Buchdal

Fixed Odds Sports Betting targets serious sports bettors only. If you are serious about sports betting, then this book is a must-own. This book will assist you to make a serious analysis of your betting strategies, learn how to find values in different sports markets, as well as improve the power of your bankroll.

You should always make sure that you read a few pages of this book every day if you want to sharpen your sports betting skills.

4. Weighing the Odds In Sports Betting – King Yao

This book resembles the Sharp Sports Betting that we highlighted above. However, the author has added more content for the readers compared to Wong. This is a must-read book, especially for people with interest in the football and baseball markets.

5. The Signal and the Noisemaker – Nate Silver

This book focuses more on making predictions. Most sports bettors consider this book to be their greatest companion when it comes to shedding more light on the sports markets. The content will give you a deeper understanding of the concepts of risk and probability. Nate Silver constantly stresses that our predictive liabilities are limited, despite our access to limitless raw data.

6. Guide to Sports Betting – Ian Hudson

The main intention of this book’s author is to give you a complete guide to sports betting, especially if you are new to betting on sporting events. Hudson’s aim is to teach those new in sports betting how to make steady profits when betting on sports. This book will give tips on developing the best strategies to assist you in succeeding in sports betting.

7. Scorecasting – L. Jon Wertheim and Tobias J. Moskowitz

Scorecasting: The Hidden Influenced behind How Sports are Played and Games are Won is a book that tries to reverse the commonly cherished clichés about sports. This book will assist you to understand the unseen forces that determine how baseball, football, hockey, and basketball are played and won or lost.

8. Mathematics in Games, Sports, and Gambling – Ronald J. Gould

In this book, Ronald J. Gould describes how statistics, elementary discrete mathematics, and probability are applied in sports, gambling, and gaming situations. The book uses several questions, problems, and examples to explain how mathematical theory is applied in different real-life games.

9. Sports Betting: Profiting from Point Spreads – Daniel Fabrizio and Joseph Hunter

This is an amazing book that gives you the tactics and strategies that convert the sports betting industry into a business activity. In this book, you will realize that the authors use “sports investors” rather than “sports bettor” since they’ve taken a professional view of the sports industry.

10. No Easy Money: A Gamblers Diary – Dave Nevison

In this book, the author gives an account of his life on betting at Britain’s top racetracks, and the adventures that come with it. His primary mission was to make GBP 1 million, and he has explained about the bets he has placed, their progress, as well as the challenges that come with them.

11. Sports Arbitrage: Riskless Investment – George Lynam

Sports arbitrate gives you the both the theory and practice of sports betting. Moreover, it gives you more examples to show how it’s possible for one to generate a considerable income—even from small starting amount. The most interesting thing about this book is that it’s for both beginners and professionals. 

Bottom Line

If you need a good infusion of betting strategy or tips that will assist you to win more money, count on any of the above sports betting books. Although the list is not complete, it’s a good place for anyone to start. These books will sharpen your betting skills and bring more money to your pockets.