Photo: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Shannon Sharpe says he would have never tolerated Michael Jordan instructing hostesses not to feed him as a teammate and would have gone to blows with the former NBA superstar had that been the case.

This comes in the wake of a report claiming MJ kept food away from Horace Grant if His Airness deemed his former teammate’s performance to be subpar.

Speaking on UNDISPUTED this Thursday, Sharpe said, “I’d have whipped Mike’s a**. Mike would have had to whip me, or I’ma whip him. Because for you to tell someone not to feed me because you didn’t think I had a good game, we gon’ fight every day until I beat Mike. Mike might whip me, but I’ma make it so difficult, he’d never wanna fight me again.”

What we wouldn’t give to see Shannon and Mike square off…