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In Game 6 of the 1997 NBA Finals, it was Steve Kerr taking the last shot, not Michael Jordan.

The Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz were tied at 86 in the final minute when the Bulls called a timeout.

Everyone knew that Jordan would be taking the shot, which is why Jordan told Kerr to be ready to shoot.

“Hey, if [John] Stockton comes off, I’m going to pass you the ball,” Jordan told Kerr.

A stunned Kerr had a hilarious response.

“I s–t my pants,” he told the “Runnin Plays” podcast. “No, I’m sorry. Am I allowed to say that?”

The play happened as Jordan had planned.

Jordan got the ball in a set play and was double-teamed by Stockton.

He then kicked it to Kerr who was at the foul line and Kerr knocked down the jumper to give the Bulls an 88-86 lead.

The Bulls would then steal the inbound pass and seal their fifth championship.

Kerr said the play was similar to another one they ran earlier in the series.

“I want to say it was Game 3 or Game 4 in Utah. And the exact same situation,” Kerr said. “John Stockton had come over to double-team him and stole the ball and made a great pass to Karl Malone that basically sealed the game. So Michael, he was a savant. He remembered everything.”

Kerr called the shot an “amazing moment” and something you “dream of as a kid.”