John Bazemore/AP; Beth A. Keiser/AP

David Falk, who was Michael Jordan’s agent throughout his entire career, thinks that ‘The Last Dance’ documentary should end the comparison between the Chicago Bulls legend and LeBron James. According to Falk, there is no player who is at least remotely in Jordan’s league.

Via Chase Hughes of NBC Sports:

“Now that I watch [the documentary], I realize that, unless you’re legally blind, you can’t possibly think that there’s another player who ever played the game that’s remotely in the league that he’s in. Nobody.”

“I hope personally, and I’m sure it won’t, that the doc ends all talk about like is Jordan competitive with LeBron? He’s in a different league. If you don’t see that with your eyes, maybe the doctor’s office can help because you should have an eye test.”

Falk also talked about how MJ would do in today’s NBA. He thinks the six-time champion would easily averaged 50 to 60 points because there is virtually zero defense being played.

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