Dario Saric might be considering a move to Barcelona next season

Croatian teenage prodigy Dario Saric might be considering a move to Spain next season with Barcelona being a top target.

The Cibona forward impressed under the watchful eye of Barcelona General Manager Joan Creus on Saturday as Saric led his side with 20 points, 14 rebounds and 9 assists in a 92-78 win over Krka Novo Mesto in the Adriatic League.

This has led to further speculation that Barcelona might be interested in signing Saric next season to replace Kostas Papanikolaou, who looks likely to become the latest European player to move to the NBA as the Greek joins the Houston Rockets.

International basketball scouting website Draft Express tweeted that the 19-year-old does not feel that he is ready for the NBA yet and is reportedly not happy with draft projection, which comes in at number 11. This despite the 2014 draft showcasing some solid prospects, including Duke’s Jabbari Parker and Kansas’ Andrew Wiggins.

Saric has also been linked with a move to Fenerbahce next summer, but that has been played down.