Photo: Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Josh Richardson of the Philadelphia 76ers is a big football (soccer) fan. The 26-year-old will take part in a FIFA tournament organised by Bleacher Report. He will face Manchester United star Jesse Lingard in the first quarter-final. Ahead of the clash, Richardson answered questions about football.

As an Arsenal fan, who is your favourite player and why?

Richardson: “Right now my favourite Arsenal player is Aubameyang. I like his speed, how he finds wholes and he’s also a good goalscorer.”

Do you have an all-time football player?

Richardson: “I’d have to say Thierry Henry, but I also like [Cristiano] Ronaldo and Ronaldinho.”

How did you become a football fan?

Richardson: “I originally got drafted to Miami and my four years there was my biggest introduction to soccer. The World Cup was on so I went and watched it all over the city. Before that I used to play FIFA a lot during college.”

Have you ever seen an Arsenal game live at the Emirates?

Richardson: “I haven’t yet. I really wanted to go during the offseason but we’ll have to wait and see. I’ll try definitely try!”