Kawhi Leonard lost his copyright conflict with Nike over the “Klaw” logo

Photo by Clutchpoints.com

Los Angeles Clippers superstar Kawhi Leonard has lost his lawsuit against Nike regarding the “Klaw” logo, per Oregonlive.com:

“U.S. District Judge Michael W. Mosman ruled that the logo Nike designers helped create with Leonard marked an ‘independent piece of intellectual property’ that was distinct from the original sketch Leonard initially conceived and shared with Nike.

‘It’s not merely a derivative work of the sketch itself,’ the judge ruled from the bench after an hour of oral argument held by phone as well as multiple briefs filed in the case. ‘I do find it to be new and significantly different from the design.'”

Leonard’s attorney Peter Ginsberg addressed the outcome on Wednesday:

“Kawhi put his heart and soul into that design so we are obviously disappointed the judge ruled the logo belongs to Nike and not Kawhi,” Ginsberg said.

Leonard was with Nike between 2011 and 2018. He is now with New Balance brand.

Photo via https://www.tmz.com/