Michael Jordan was an offensive juggernaut and one of the best athletes we have ever seen in any sport, being a genius on analyzing the many ways one could exploit the defense.

Former teammate and Washington Wizards’ player Jared Jeffries talked on how MJ was “feeling” and planning the game.

“It used to be so crazy how he could break a basketball game down. He could tell you ‘tonight I feel good, I’m gonna go for 40.’ I remember we were playing Atlanta at Verizon Center, Capital One [Arena] now, we played there and walking out on the court he goes ‘I’m gonna get 40 tonight,'” Jeffries said on NBCS Washington podcast, “Wizards Talk”.

Apparently, Jordan still had that ability even in his 40s, when he was playing for the Washington Wizards.

“He would break down getting 40 points. It would be like 10 free throws, a couple layups in transition, curl screen; little things where he knew how to break the game down to get 40 points. It’s like ‘dang man, it’s that easy for you to go out and get 40.’ He could just feel a 40-point game coming on. When for everybody else, it was a career-high, but for him it was like ‘tonight I’m gonna have 40 or I’m gonna have 50.’ And it would be done.”

As a member of the Washington Wizards, the NBA legend became the first 40-year-old player to score 43 points in 2003. He averaged 21.4 points per contest in his two-year stint with the team.