Stephon Marbury opens up about the trade for Jason Kidd in 2001

Stephon Marbury
Photo: STR/Getty Images

Stephon Marbury and Jason Kidd were traded for each other in 2001, with Kidd joining the Nets and Marbury signing with the Suns.

Marbury shared his thoughts on that trade while speaking to Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson of

“You can’t play in the NBA as a point guard if you can’t score. I mean, it is what it is. That’s the game. Who got the ball first? When they take it out, who got the ball first? I think more so I think I played with the most 10-day contract guys in the history of basketball.

When I played in New Jersey everybody got hurt. And then when he got traded for me, everybody got healthy. Literally, guys were really hurt with real injuries. So I was in a tough spot but at the same time, I didn’t allow that to stop me from going out and hoopin’. I hooped every night,” Marbury said.