Stephen Curry Seth Curry
Photo: NBC Sports

In a really special moment for Seth Curry and Steph Curry last year, the two brothers played against each other in the 2019 Western Conference Finals.

“It was a special moment not only for us, but our family to be able to watch us play at the highest level in the playoffs, and compete for an opportunity to go to the Finals,” the Dallas Mavericks’ guard said during a Q&A through the NBA’s official Twitter account. “It was something we’ll never forget and more importantly it was something our family could be proud of.”

“It was a little weird competing against him and having to guard him, but it’s our job and we went out there and competed the best we could. It’s funny because I’m usually rooting for him to play well and usually rooting for the Warriors to win.”

“It was a memory that’s priceless and hopefully we can meet again at that stage.” The Blazers’ sharpshooter revealed that his favorite moment was the 16 points he scored in Game 2 of the series.

Despite the Blazers’ effort, the Warriors prevailed in the series, with Steph averaging 36.5 points, 8.3 rebounds and 7.3 assists in the Warriors’ four-game sweep.