Photo: Julio Cortez/Associated Press

Teams are trying to convince the league office to push the date of the June 25 NBA Draft to no sooner than Aug. 1.

Information gathering on draft-eligible prospects remains limited due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Multiple top executives have expressed their belief that moving the draft date would allow organizations more time to complete the necessary elements of the pre-draft process.

These elements include possibly allowing for in-person workouts, interviews and medical evaluations of prospects.

May 1 is currently the earliest date that decisions regarding the league calendar will be made.

There is a belief from league executives that no draft would occur while teams are still playing the season, as that would prevent player trades on draft night.

NBA teams will be allowed to conduct virtual interviews with prospects, but they are limited to four hours with a single player, according to a memo from the NBA.

Teams are also prohibited from requesting video of recent workouts that players might conduct, as they can only study film including college games and practice sessions that happened before the NBA’s suspension.