Photo: ClutchPoints

On the latest The Odd Couple podcast, sports analyst Chris Broussard expressed his opinion on who is the best leader in the NBA at the moment.

“LeBron has been great, but who do I think is the best leader in basketball? The best leader in the NBA is Steph Curry,” Broussard said.

“He’s [Steph Curry] like Tim Duncan. Different personalities and all of that, but they set the tone for the franchise. Steph’s selflessness, his egolessness, the fact that he’s totally ‘first is the team’ guy, the fact that when Durant came, he totally embraced, he is the best leader,” he continued.

“When your best player is like that is the best for the organization. I can’t think of anything that Steph has done publicly, that is anti-team,” the analyst added.

In an interview, given this year, Steph Curry discussed developing his identity as a leader, serving as a mentor to the next generation, and balancing his prolific basketball career with his role as a father.