Ranking NBA’s Mascots from Worst to Best

Photo By Karl Gehring/The Denver Post via Getty Images

The mascot is a longstanding tradition of the sport. The fans were enthralled by characters such as Philly and Phanatic and Benny the Bull. So the mascot is nowhere tenser than competitive basketball, more front, and center. With its flood of color, its plentiful time-outs, its rests and the proximity of supporters to the near surroundings of hardwood courts, the NBA’s mascots encounter make this stage the ideal venue for an entrepreneur in a nice outfit.

While it might be irritating to others, it cannot be ignored that mascots are truly awesome. Either they fire the crowd, cause mayhem on the seats or simply flat-out, they represent their teammates really good and they are enjoyed by all.  Many of the mascots of the NBA vary from amazingly cool to weird to clearly crazy. Another of the fan favorites is Go the Gorilla, which has fascinated Phoenix Suns fans for years.

That said, let’s look at 10 top NBA mascots, putting them between the worst and the best.

No. 10: The Raptor, Toronto Raptors

No matter how old you are, dinosaurs are always going to remain cool. The Raptor is no different because he retains his lovely personality, even though his squad is not the strongest.

Look at the heart of it. It’s just cool, but overwhelming, something about it. It almost sounds as if the Raptor means, “I may be satisfied now, but despise my mates, I’m going to use my sharp teeth … on YOU!”

No. 9: Jessica Alba, Golden State Warriors

A couple of years back, the Golden State Warriors had a splendid Thunder mascot. In 2008 he and his dancing extravagances were released, without a mascot quitting the squad. That said, Nor-Cal’s boys reflect their super-hot fan, Jessica Alba!

Alba, who seems to be a nice buddy of the former guard of Warriors, was seen at many Warrior matches. Since this squad was terrible as recently, we definitely will also be monitoring Alba’s potential participation in their play.

No. 8: Rufus Lynx, Charlotte Bobcats

Only one term to characterize Rufus Lynx can be used: nice. There’s nothing like a bobcat running in the garden, sporting sunglasses. Fans would pray really that the Bobcats remain and don’t contract in Charlotte, but to do so it is disgraceful to injure a mascot as large as Rufus.

In comparison, his antiquities on the trial often verge on the region of “too many.” But we still love him wholeheartedly.

No. 7: Champ the Horse, Dallas Mavericks

There is nothing more than a black horse with a wild eye like Champ to represent a band of mad people like Dallas Mavericks. A loving horse with a toothed grin, he has brought things to a whole different dimension last year when the Mavs made it in the NBA championship. That is the right thing to do for fans.

More specifically, a mascot who absorbs these hits is definitely deserving of the designation of “Champ.”

No. 6: Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg of Boston Celtics

 The Boston Celtics are also without a mascot because Luckily the Leprechaun has gone. But why should they need more, with loyal followers such as Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg?

These boys portray Boston in the Nth spot, with a relentless focus on South Boston from Wahlberg and a devoted fan base from Matt Damon. They can be seen more frequently in the Staples Center than in TD Yard, but it is not unlike Damon and Wahlberg bleeding green and white.

Who knows? Perhaps in the future, they will create a film together for the Boston Celtics.

No. 5: The Utah Jazz Bear, Utah Jazz

No one keeps a torch to the Jazz Bear when it comes to dedication to his mates. A man harasses rival fans and doesn’t hesitate. Everything’s for the Jazz and its followers.

Even, look at the fan charging him with his response. Just another day at the workplace he lets it feel like.

No. 4: Spike Lee, New York Knicks

Spike Lee is mascot perfect for the New York Knicks mascot less in this uniform. At every home game, the renowned film director is on the road occasionally. In fact, he joined last year’s television squad briefly.

Spike Lee is a great mascot for the Knicks, particularly because he’ll almost certainly create a film about the team somewhere on the road. I certainly would be the first in line to see if I might be the world’s biggest Knicks Fan since Spike.

No. 3: Benny the Bull, Chicago Bulls

You probably have had your full share of Benny the Bull if you played hoops during the 1990s. Benny was there to applaud him and fire the crowd while Michael Jordan was practicing on the hardwood.

The crazy thing is Benny is still legendary, even though Jordan didn’t perform in Chicago for over ten years. All Bulls and other Bulls fans remember him only that during the glory of the Bulls, he was so famous.

Benny is on the brink of gaining a whole new wave of followers as Bulls reach a modern age.

No. 2: Bango, Milwaukee Bucks

Normally, with a mascot juvenile and silly, we would consider a cartoon deer. Nonetheless, we would find an exception when it comes to Bango. He has the power to release the signature of Mike Breen with a “BANG.”

No. 1: Jack Nicholson, Los Angeles Lakers

Much as Spike Lee is on the Knicks, Jack Nicholson is on the Los Angeles Lakers. Really, you can’t get more awesome than this guy. Look at the dictionary word, and almost certainly you’ll see his picture.

Further important: after 1970 Nicholson was the keeper of the Lakers seat for the season and for almost 25 years was seen on the courts in almost every home game. He loves this team so much and hates to skip a home game so badly that any time he films a script, it is said his shooting plan is tailor-made for the squad.