Celtics’ Jayson Tatum shares first reaction after testing negative for the coronavirus

Jayson Tatum
Photo: Winslow Townson/Associated Press

Jayson Tatum talked about his first reaction when he found out that he tested negative for the coronavirus.

The star of the Boston Celtics revealed he could not wait to reunite with his young son, after the test for the virus came back negative.

“It felt good just to hear that the test came back negative, so that was a sigh of relief. And then as soon as I got the text (about the negative result), I just got in the car and went to go pick him up.

I don’t know what he thought. I definitely talked to him every day and at night when he went to sleep. His mom would send me videos of him just walking around, he would give her the phone and he would just keep saying ‘Daddy! Daddy! Can you call him? I want to talk to him!’ He definitely was missing me and wondering where I was,” Tatum said via Abigail Adams in NESN.com.