Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant
Photo: USA Today

Toni Kukoc, who played alongside Michael Jordan and won three NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls, shared his insight on the Jordan – Kobe Bryant comparison.

Via Vlado Radicevic of tportal.hr:

“Kobe Bryant was a classic copy of Michael Jordan, and that puts him a little aside. They played in the same position, they were physically very similar, and the fact is that Kobe just copied from Jordan, and with that he got his psyche.

“A documentary about Jordan is coming soon and in these ten episodes people will be able to see how much similarity there was between the two. Both were willing to die to win and worked very hard and put in an unprecedented amount of effort to be the best. To me, Michael Jordan is a marvel of nature, he would sometimes sleep for only three hours and then dominate the court with unprecedented energy!”

Toni Kukoc