LeBron James
Photo: Chris Smoove/YouTube

Lakers superstar LeBron James is finally enjoying some quality time with his family, but, according to him, he always has to stay “mentally and physically prepared” in case this season eventually resumes.

As part of his recent interview with PEOPLE Magazine, LeBron noted that he is still working out every day.

“I’m still getting in my daily workouts – I never go a day without,” says James. “Staying in touch with my teammates and the coaching staff, just doing everything we can to stay mentally and physically prepared for whatever may come next.”

The NBA season might be suspended until further notice, but for LeBron this is a great opportunity to spend some time with his family and enjoy every single moment of it.

“This much family time for us is rare, so really just taking in this opportunity to be together every single day,” James noted. “Movies and entertainment are a big part of my family and what we enjoy doing together.”