NBA Launches Jr. NBA at Home on OWQLO App

As part of the global NBA Together campaign, the NBA today launched a new Jr. NBA at Home content offering on the OWQLO App, the official Jr. NBA League app in Europe and the Middle East.  

Jr. NBA at Home, an interactive content series providing basketball workouts and drills that can be completed individually and in limited space to help young players around the world stay active and develop their game in a safe and healthy way, will now be available on the OWQLO app in the form a 30-day workout series.

The daily workouts – all with direct basketball application –  are led by fitness and performance coaches Natalie Higby and Cristian Plascencia of The Durable Athlete, who have over a decade of combined experience in the fitness space working with both amateur and professional athletes.

The program will promote skill development and physical activity through daily workouts that incorporate the below elements:

  • Warm up/joint mobility (10 min)
  • “Drill of the day” activation part (5min)
  • Workout of the day – 3 difficulty levels (12 min)
  • “Cool down/decompression” – breathing technique (3min)

The Jr. NBA OWQLO App also includes short vignettes of Jr. NBA at Home drills featuring NBA and WNBA players, Jr. NBA Coaches and former players that can be completed both indoors or outdoors in limited space.