Frank Vogel LeBron James
Photo: The Athletic

On April 2, Los Angeles Lakers Head Coach Frank Vogel spoke to Spectrum SportsNet. Many topics were covered. But most notably Vogel was questioned on what he thought about the NBA returning to one city. Where the league would control the arenas. Like Las Vegas.

“There’s so much stuff out there and it’s really all rumors and speculation. What haven’t really been given any concrete information on what ideas the league is considering. We’re ready to roll with whatever. If it’s.. all in one city, or if we’re traveling.. 3 game series’.. 5 games series’.. there’s all these scenarios but we just don’t know.”

Earlier, he stated his concerns for players not staying in shape and falling short of a good diet. To counter that, he revealed that the Lakers have been doing group workouts via Zoom. Where players can interact with each other whilst doing training drills.

How much time would be needed to prepare for an NBA return?

A short time after the Vegas question, Vogel was quizzed about how much time would be needed for an NBA return. From a players/coach standpoint.

“That’s a difficult one as well. The longer the amount of time that goes by, the more time you’re going to need to get back to being in game-shape. Obviously it’s not going to end today. But if it would end today and we were only out for 2 weeks, you could probably get back in a few days up to a week. If it goes 2-3 months, maybe you need a little more than 2-3 weeks.”

In a conference call with Lakers beat writers, it has been revealed by Vogel that coaches and staff of the team have not been tested for the Coronavirus. Just the players.

You can catch the interview from Lakers Head Coach Frank Vogel on Spectrum SportsNet on April 2 here.