Rockets’ GM on Mike D’Antoni: “He’s one of the all-time great innovators”

Mike D'Antoni Houston Rockets
Photo: Bleacher Report

Four years ago, Daryl Morey chose Mike D’Antoni as the coach best suited to his basketball plan.

D’Antoni coached a team, which was built around the three-point shot (leading in attempted threes in the last four seasons) and the talent of James Harden.

In a Q&A with Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle, Morey said D’Antoni is one of the best all-time coaches in the NBA.

“Coach D’Antoni is one of the best all-time coaches, in my opinion. To me he’s like one of those players in the past that hadn’t quite won the title yet,” Morey noted in a question about the coaching staff.

“I’m hoping this is the year for him. He’s one of the all-time great innovators and a great partner. I’d love for it to keep going. It takes two to tango, but we’re going to figure that out in the offseason.”

D’Antoni is now in the fourth and final year of the contract he signed in 2016 to become Houston’s head coach.