Steph Curry’s wife had to buy him a hoop online so he could practice at home (why didn’t he already have one?)


Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter of all time, yet he didn’t have a basketball hoop at home until his wife Ayesha bought one online recently.

The Golden State Warriors star is cooped up at his residence, unable to use his team’s facilities or train at a nearby park or gym amid the coronavirus pandemic. So he must have been feeling extra stressed.

Fortunately, Ayesha is a great wife. She saw a problem and found a solution. However, that solution turned out to be a problem in itself as Steph had to do the manual labor on his own – it only took him five hours.

“I got overwhelmed looking at the manual,” the three-time NBA champion said, per the Wall Street Journal.

“I was very confident in myself going in,” he said. “That was shot down pretty quick.”

It’s pretty hard to digest the fact that the greatest shooter the game has ever seen did not have his own hoop. Good looking out, Ayesha.