Mount Union basketball players, including D'Vontay Friga (11) and Nathan Bower-Malone (12).

Former Division 3 basketball star D’Vontay Friga has been gaining the attention of thousands of fans and teams not through just his career at the University of Mount Union but through his life changing decision to document his college career on YouTube.

The 6″2 guard played all four seasons in Ohio at the University of Mount Union. This is where he found his passion for creating and documenting his basketball journey. Through the help of his friends Joe and Grayson, he was able to create content surrounding all aspects of being a college athlete. Furthermore, this gained following has allowed him to create a brand and thrive on the online platform.

This season was his senior year, but the COVID-19 outbreak stopped an almost guaranteed March Madness run for the Raiders. Through 30 games this season, Friga averaged 15.1 PPG, 5.2 RPG and 2.1 APG.

In his career at MU he averaged 11.1 PPG, 4.2 RPG and 2.1 APG through his four seasons.

Recently, due to having no more NCAA restrictions, Friga created his brand and clothing line. Furthermore he produced in order to present his work and gratitude.

D’Vontay has come out and said he has offers to play professionally overseas in Spain and Australia, but hasn’t said any more regarding his future. He has also come into the spotlight in the past week for his and his father’s actions in response to the quarantine guidelines set by the Government. With all the courts being closed, the “Friga Fam” made a full sized court in their backyard. Yes, a full court.

His commitment and dedication to his craft on and off the court can’t go unnoticed. He’s a baller and a social media star, with over 150k subscribers on YouTube.

Stay Motivated, Stay Positive.

D’Vontay Friga’s YouTube channel ––jINF0G1jmDVjT2PX_Q