LeBron James

LeBron James revealed how the movie “Space Jam 2” will be affected by the outbreak of the coronavirus.

James said the movie is still on schedule to release next summer.

“Space Jam has always been scheduled to come out in June of 2021. So we’re kind of (OK). And a lot of it right now is animation so being indoors is actually great for us. So, we’re still on. Just like everything in the world, everything is slowed down a little bit, but we’re still on target.

I’m looking forward to it. During this time right now, I wish we could release it right now, man, and give people some things to watch in their households. But we got until next year, next summer. We’re excited about it,” James said on the Road Trippin’ podcast, via ESPN.

LeBron will play the role Michael Jordan played in the first “Space Jam” movie.