Following CSKA Moscow’s official complaint and request to play all their future games in OAKA behind closed doors, Panathinaikos circulated a reply.

The Greek club’s answer to the events of the past few days:

“So far, we considered that basketball is played inside the court and we were positive that the two teams played with 5 players each, and not 5 vs 8.

We also, thought that the competition was independent, but CSKA Moscow is invoking judicial authorities by officially asking specific sanctions against our home court, commenting on past fines and ask for all their future games in OAKA to be played behind closed doors.

Would you rather we just left? Unfortunately for you, you will always come across us. All we ask is transparency, fairness and the same criteria applied to everyone.

We don’t care what colour the money is… be it white, yellow or black, nor from where they come from. We just demand RESPECT for a great club which has won six Euroleague trophies.

Additionally, and after the unprecedented actions undertaken by the Russian club and their president Andrei Vatutin, his Panathinaikos counterpart Demetris Giannakopoulos would like to state that if he doesn’t like it here, he might as well never come again, especially since he is a persona non-grata in Athens.

PS: We have nothing but the utmost respect for Barcelona, and any other team which legally invest inside the court, and we would like to clarify that we don’t have the slightest problem with the Spanish club.”

Source: Panathinaikos BC