After a wonderful game which tipped off Euroleague’s playoffs, which saw Barcelona overcoming Panathinaikos 72-70 in overtime, the Greek club expressed their strong complaints regarding the refereeing of the game.

The club first made their complaints public via their official twitter feed as you can see below.

However they didn’t leave it at that. After the game ended, Panathinaikos’ president Dimitris Giannakopoulos visited the referees’ locker rooms to express his anger at his team’s treatment.

This is not the first time The Greens are challenging Euroleague on the refereeing field, as after their home defeat against CSKA Moscow last week they sent an official complaint letter to the competition’s headquarters in Barcelona paralleling CSKA Moscow’s favourable treatment to the one Steaua enjoyed by the Caucesku regime in Romania.

Giannakopoulos, who attended the game in Palau Blaugrana tonight, stated: “Enough is enough. Something is fishy. I challenge the appropriate authorities to audit the bank accounts of the refereeing commissionaires, especially the one of Mr. Rigas” (Euroleague Director of Referees).

Panathinaikos coach Argyris Pedoulakis stated that the referees applied different criteria for the two teams. However Euroleague veteran Kostas Tsartsaris didn’t share their opinion and said that Panathinaikos lost due to personal mistakes and not the referees.

One of the extreme scenarios being deployed by the club is not to even show up for Game 2 of the playoffs series, on Thursday, unless Euroleague pays attention to their claims.