Top reasons why you should become a basketball player

Photo by Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Basketball is one of the coolest yet underrated games out there. A lot of kids these days indulge themselves in different kinds of sports, the most common of them being soccer. When it comes to basketball, there is a ton of benefits attached to this game, be it health, career, or self-development. Basketball is the all-rounder sport when it comes to playing or professionally pursuing it as a career. 

If you, your kids, or loved ones are at the crossroads of deciding a career or choosing the right hobby, this article might just be what they might need. Here we will walk you through on some of the top reasons why you should become a basketball player. Basketball is more than just a sport. If you can excel in it, you can do wonders for you and your family and possibly even land yourself a place in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Pursuing a career in basketball would mean that if you are successful enough, you could earn a handsome salary. There is no specific qualification needed for basketball. Therefore, you can even avoid all the years of schooling to be a doctor or an engineer and could even earn a lot more from being a professional basketball player. Being a part of basketball playing organizations such as the NBA would allow you to earn $7.7m on average every year, which could suffice for a few of your generations to come.


Playing basketball has a ton of health benefits attached to it, some of which are the following:

Burns Calories- Obesity is one of the biggest issues in today’s generation, and playing basketball can be one effective way of dealing with it. Basketball needs you to revolve around the court and has a whole lot of running, jumping, and rapid cuts, which not only burns extra calories but also helps you with weight maintenance and weight loss.

Improves Immune System-Having a strong immune system makes your body resistant to diseases, viruses, and other health issues. Your body’s internal defense system is strengthened when you play basketball or any other intense sport.

Develops Bones-Playing a sport like a basketball provides minerals to your bones, which help in bone development. Our body consists of a framework of bones that protect our vital organs and support our muscles. Having healthy bones reduces the risk of facing injuries or damages to your bones. Playing basketball at a young age could also make you taller due to the jumping motion that stretches the bone and helps with bone and muscle development.

Muscle Development- The constant work and motion involved while playing this game could lead to muscle development in addition to the development of bones. Flexing of the wrist, forearm, and triceps when it comes to ball handling and hoop shooting is one of the many reasons for strengthened muscles in basketball. 

Improves cardiovascular health-You could decrease the risk of heart diseases due to the constant excursion needed to play basketball. It is not less than cardio or aerobic workout, and thus it gets the heart pumping and the blood flowing, which keeps your heart in the best shape.


Basketball also keeps your state of mind in the right direction as you are constantly engaged in the game, and the concentration develops your skills and boosts your overall confidence. It also gives you high self-esteem. Playing basketball increases self-discipline, which is a vital trait to excel in life.

You can also be a lot more social while you play basketball. Joining a team or a club creates connections, and you can also make some great friends. Your team would always have your back and would be your source of strength throughout your basketball journey, no matter how rough the game might get. If you get a chance to play for the NBA, you could even land yourself an opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the most star-studded basketball players from iconic teams such as the Lakers or the Clippers.


If you have played basketball long enough and landed yourself a place in a professional basketball organization, know that most of your matches would be televised. What it means is that you can easily get stardom. One good game could attract millions watching worldwide and could allow you to get signed up by huge brands in the industry for endorsements as their brand ambassador. The best part about endorsements is that you can get paid for things you already probably do in addition to fame. Every move of yours would be closely watched, and you could become a respectable TV and internet sensation overnight.


These were some of the many reasons you should take into account to become a professional basketball player. This should encourage you to not only play basketball to fulfill your development interests but also professionally take on such a career and be a superstar. The benefits are endless; at the end of the day, it is all about staying persistent and consistent, especially when it comes to practicing. Only then would you be able to shine through and leave a mark for the others to follow.