NBA suspended: all possible scenarios

The NBA also stops to make a decision on how to continue the season that is currently suspended. We still don’t know how and when the championship will resume, but there are several possible scenarios. First, the fact that the NBA made such a drastic decision highlights how serious the Coronavirus problem is. It had never happened that the NBA was suspended, except for the non-agreements between players and franchises which, in the past, went on strike thus stopping the championship. But, what led to the suspension of the NBA? Let’s go over what happened.

Rudy Gobert positive to Coronavirus

Oklahoma CityUtah is the game that never started. Just before the scheduled start, the two teams were called back to the locker room due to Rudy Gobert’s positivity to coronavirus. The Game therefore suspended and, shortly after, the NBA released a statement declaring the entire championship suspended. Compounding the situation is in fact also the plane on which he traveled to Utah, an airplane which has since been used by other NBA teams thus risking the danger of further infections.

The possible scenarios

For the moment, the NBA stops, but work is being done to understand when it can resume the championship. One idea is to send in retreat each team for at least two weeks, which is the incubation time of the virus, so that players can not have contact outside. In this way, the chances of contagion are lowered. Then, the NBA will likely resume behind closed doors. This will be a decision that will be made later and much will depend on the speed of spread of the virus across the United States.