According to what Greek media is reporting, Fenerbahce’s Michael Batiste has been detained by the Greek Police in Athens International Airport.

Apparently Michael Batiste was in the stop-list for evading taxes of around 200.000 euros to the Kifisia (his former area of residence) tax office.

So at the order of the prosecutor, the Greek Police have detained him upon Fenerbahce’s arrival to Athens and the player is being held in a Police office.

Fenerbahce officials are said to be with the player, trying to resolve the issue. Something unlikely, unless someone comes up with the entire, or a part of the sum, and he signs a settlement.

Batiste spent nine years in Athens playing for Panathinaikos and his former team have prepared a ceremony in his honour tomorrow, but it is still unknown if he will be able to attend himself.

This is his second encounter with the Greek Police, the first one being during the first years of his PAO career, due to a hut and run he was involved in.

UPDATE: Panathinaikos BC officials and the player’s agent who is Greek as well as hos lawyer, are also in the airport, trying to get him released. However it seems that the player has to spent the night at the cell until he is brought to the investigating judge tomorrow at 9AM.

Apparently both Fenerbahce and Batiste knew about the problem from last week, but were told by the player’s agent there would not be any problems, so they took the risk. The player is being allowed visits from his wife and some friends.

According to Fenerbahce’s official statement, Panathinaikos have guaranteed that they will pay the taxes in the morning and the player will play in the upcoming game.

LATEST AND FIANL UPDATE: Batiste has been released, after Panathinaikos paid the full amount of 200.000 euros to the Greekt tax authorities.