Pistons guard Rodney Stuckey has been in a terrible display this season.

The new NBA season is very young, and not everyone has found rhythm. There’s no doubt that Detroit Pistons guard Stuckey has been one of the biggest disappointments so far, shooting only four percent from the field.

The 5-year veteran out of Eastern Washington University attempted 23 shots in his first three games and missed 22 of them. His one and only made shot came against Houston Rockets in the season opener. He missed nine shots in that game. He kept sending bricks against the Suns and the Lakers respectively.

“I feel like I’m not in a rhythm at all,” Stuckey said about his poor shooting.  “I just feel like last year, I was having the ball in my hand, being able to create, and play in transition.  Coming in the second quarter when Brandon Knight went to the bench last year, being the point guard, and being able to use my post position on smaller guards, I just feel like I’m not using that right now. “

It looks like Stuckey blames the alteration in the rotation this year. But his teammate Tayshaun Prince thinks the team has to help Stuckey improve. “We have to do a better job of getting him in better positions,” Prince said. “He’s got to touch the ball more. Stuckey is one of our best offensive players, and if we don’t have anything from him, we’ll be in this situation a lot. We’ve got to get the ball in his hands more.  We haven’t put it in his hands enough and he hasn’t had a flow and a rhythm to each game.”

The Pistons are not different than Stuckey. The team lost all of their 3 games. If they want to get better, they have to wake Stuckey up as soon as they can.