Great moves for New York Knicks that will hire Leon Rose, ex agent of Carmelo Anthony, as new “President of Basketball operations”. Rose’s arrival has clearly triggered numerous rumors, particularly Anthony’s return to the Knicks. Anthony wanted to comment on these rumors about his possible return to New York:

“Honestly, I can’t say much, because I don’t know what will happen in the coming months and what my situation will be. Clearly the easiest thing for everyone to say is that I will go back to the Knicks because Leon is there. But until I sit down at a table and see what their plans are for the future, I can’t know if this will happen. Clearly, Leon and I speak to each other many times a week, but for now we have never addressed the topic. I will also have to be careful with this, because when the off-season arrives I will no longer be able to speak so freely with him about the tampering rules.”