Pelicans Spurs Basketball
New Orleans Pelicans' Brandon Ingram (14) looks to pass as San Antonio Spurs' Jakob Poeltl looks on during the first half of an NBA preseason basketball game, Sunday, Oct. 13, 2019, in San Antonio. (AP Photo/Darren Abate)

Former Los Angeles Lakers player, now a starter at the Pelicans, Brandon Ingram, cleared up the situation regarding his time at the Los Angeles and trade to New Orleans.

Pelicans’ forward spent 3 seasons with the Lakers (from 2016 to 2019), before being traded to Pelicans. His time with the Los Angeles team wasn’t best for him and for the whole team. The team hadn’t played well, Ingram wasn’t playing his best basketball also. Despite all the difficulties, Ingram didn’t seem to be disappointed with his career chapter, while being a part of LA team. On the contrary, the player expressed only good words to his former team.

“No (hard feelings); they’ve got a superstar over there (in Davis),” Ingram said. “Of course we thought we were building something with the young core, but they had other plans. We understand it’s a business. I understand it’s a business. I don’t have any hard feelings or lost love for them. They made my dreams come true.”

Currently Pelicans’ forward is playing his best basketball of his entire career, averaging 24.9 points, 6.5 rebounds, 4.2 assists per game.