Lakers’ legend Magic Johnson talked about potential playoff series, which sees the Lakers facing the the Clippers. Legendary point guard expressed his opinion that the Clippers have the edge over the Lakers, saying: “If you look at man-for-man, (the Clippers are) probably better than (the Lakers) in terms of the bench.”

Though he’s not so sceptic about the outcome for the Lakers. Magic believes that if LeBron James and Anthony Davis will perform at their best and 3rd player will join them, Lakers have a chance of beating the Clippers.

Many think that 3rd player, who should play big, in order for the Lakers to win vs Clippers in a series, is Kyle Kuzma, who is demonstrating this season not so impressive stats so far: 12.5 points, 4.4 rebounds, 1.4 assists per game. Could his stats drastically change in the playoffs? Doubtful.