Isaiah Thomas Washington Wizards
Photo: Bleacher Report

After being acquired via trade then waived by the Los Angeles Clippers, current free agent Isaiah Thomas says he still has a lot to offer.

“On the court, I think it’s self-explanatory what I bring to a team when given an opportunity,” Thomas told Alex Kennedy of HoopsHype. “I also bring my wisdom. I don’t think anybody has been through the things that I’ve gone through in this league. Despite obstacle after obstacle, I’ve overcome everything that’s been thrown at me and taken advantage of any opportunity that I’ve gotten. I think that’s what is most important.”

Thomas admitted to Kennedy that he was “surprised” the Clippers released him.

“I was surprised, but I understood the situation on the business side of things,” said Thomas. “It’s not like they were really trading for me; they were trading for Marcus Morris, which I understand. In my nine years in the NBA, I’ve learned that anything can happen. I thought it could work and I thought it was a good fit for me, but they thought otherwise. That’s okay. Now, I’m just trying to figure out the best situation moving forward.”

In his conversation with Kennedy, Thomas addressed topics including his health and possible next destination.

On his health:

My health is good. As everybody has seen this season, I’ve been able to play every game and I’ve been able to practice every day. I wasn’t having to take days off; I was able to just focus on working and getting better. With my health, there are no questions. Now, I’m staying in shape and staying ready for the next opportunity.”

On whether he has been in touch with NBA teams since his release:

“Yeah, I won’t say specific teams, but we’ve had talks with several teams. Teams are interested, but we’re just trying to figure out what’s the best situation for me. Also, we know that other things may open up very soon.”

I’m just trying to stay as patient as possible when it comes to this while knowing that I’m ready for any opportunity that I’m given. Whether it’s a playoff team where I’ll be whichever piece they need to complete their puzzle or an up-and-coming team where I’m helping the young players and being a good veteran, I’m going to take advantage of whatever opportunity I’m given.

On whether he’d want to play in Boston again after being traded by the team in 2017:

Note: (Celtics currently don’t have interest in Thomas)

For sure, if the opportunity presented itself. I hold no grudges, and they know that. I have genuine love for the city of Boston. If that were to happen, I’d love to be part of what they have going on. You never know. I’m always open for any opportunity to be in the NBA and play the game that I love at the highest level. If that opportunity presents itself, for sure. Time has passed.

Celtics president Danny Ainge hasn’t shown interest in a reunion with Thomas.

He praised Thomas, but said he’s not sure the fit would be right with this current Celtics team.

“Nothing there interests us right now,” Ainge recently said about the buyout market.

He continued to say that the Celtics would keep monitoring who is and becomes available and their own team needs to see if there is a fit down the line.