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The Philadelphia 76ers season was marked by discontinuity. Started the season as one of the favorites for the final victory, the Sixers started well and then alternated excellent performances with other disastrous ones. Many think that the team is not mature enough and that there is no great agreement between Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid.

Simmons and Embiid have been criticized

In fact, both have been covered with criticism, especially in recent weeks. Indeed, other players also spoke of the lack of cohesion between them, taking sides of one and the other. But, in the end, the protagonists themselves responded to the criticisms received. In particular, Joel Embiid, who spoke on the occasion of the All-Star Game, said: “They are all nonsense, in the last two years I don’t think things have gone so badly, this year we are struggling on offense and things are a little different.”

Trust for the future

Clear response of Embiid, even if the reality speaks of Philadelphia that to date, would risk playing the playoffs against the Boston Celtics or the Miami Heat. It is therefore necessary that the team improves in attack, and that the perfect understanding between Simmons and Embiid returns. Surely, it has been a roller coaster season for Philadelphia, but we are confident that they will finish as a top three seed in the East and their road, while expected to be bumpy, will start this Thursday, where they are coming out as the favorites according to the NBA odds released by SBD. Already in fact against the Brooklyn Nets, the Philadelphia 76ers, and above all Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid will be able to give a clear answer to the criticisms, those answers that will come from the field.