John Beilein
Photo: Rob Carr/Getty Images

67-year-old manager, John Beilein, just not be in the NBA for a while as reports were claiming that the Cleveland Cavaliers might just be parting ways with Beilein right when the season ends and it seems that momentum has been put in place ahead of a potential leave.

Three reporters from The Athletic, Shams Charania, Jason Lloyd, and Kelsey Russo laid down their reports, saying: “Cavaliers coach John Beilein is not expected to remain as head coach beyond the end of the season, league and team sources have told The Athletic. The terms of the separation, and the exact timing of it, are not yet known, but momentum is building toward his exit.”

With the date of departure yet to be known, the report from the reporters seems to be quite solid considering the form the Cavs have been displaying all season.

The report further states: “Several factors have come into play around the Cavaliers and Beilein regarding his job position leading to the potential end of his tenure before the end of the five-year contract he signed in May — including the team’s on- and off-court struggles and the personal toll his son Patrick Beilein’s resignation at Niagara in October has taken on him — league sources said.”

American Columnist Adrian Wojnarowski has also reported about it, claiming that the Cavs and Beilein have been having negotiations of parting ways during the All-Star break.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been putting up poor performances this season as they are currently 14-40, having the second-worst record in Basketball, interesting odds were then placed on them as the season continues with online casino Malaysia used to increase their chances of winning. There is also not a lot of hope to be placed on the roster with Collin Sexton, who was said to be an amazing talent, has been so frustrating in his second campaign with the team. Kevin Love’s impressive performance has also been facing a huge downslide over the years and the Cavs is currently stuck with him following his max contract. Not long ago Andre Drummond and his mac contract were traded off while the rookie Darius Garland is currently struggling in the team.

Cleveland Cavaliers are currently going through one of the worst ever season as they seem to not be able to adapt to Beilein’s style of play thus ending in frustration from both the players and the franchise. Beilein was seen to have made an apology to his players following the comments he made during a film session.

Considering how poor the Cavs have been all season, it should be a good decision to let Beilein part ways with the team.

In other news, Kawhi Leonard was the first player to bag the first-ever Kobe Bryant NBA All-Star Game MVP award on Sunday. A fact known is many Laker fans were expecting the hometown player Anthony Davis to be the victor of the award they wouldn’t want a player from their rival city taking the award from them, but Leonard is not just any player!