Mahmuti Returns to Efes

Anadolu Efes have signed a deal with their former coach, Oktay Mahmuti, after failing to agree the terms with Zeljko Obradovic.

Serbian coach was the first choice of the club. The sides were close to an agreement, but Obradovic’s desire to change all of the foreign players in the roster caused Anadolu Efes to switch to plan B.

Mahmuti started his career as a asistan coach in Anadolu Efes (formerly known as Efes Pilsen) in 1992. He had been promoted as head coach when Ergin Ataman resigned from the club in 2001 and kept this role until 2007.

Oktay Mahmuti was a free agent after leaving Galatasaray MP a few days ago. He signed on a 2-year deal with his new club.

Appointment of Oktay Mahmuti means that the war of the coaches in Turkey has finally come to an end.