Derrick Rose
Photo: USA Today

On Thursday, at the University of Illinois-Chicago, Derrick Rose appeared onstage inside Dorin Forum for an intimate panel discussion.

Rose talked about his childhood memories, teenage years, his dreams, life as a sportsman.

Talking about his time at the Chicago Bulls, Rose admitted that he wasn’t prepared for winning the NBA championship.

“When I was younger, my goals used to be crazy, but at the same time, the older I got, I wasn’t ready for it. I knew I wasn’t ready for a goal like that. I wasn’t ready for a championship. I knew I wasn’t ready because I used to say to myself numerous times like when I go out in public now, I can barely go places. So, what happened if I did win a championship? How would that be? How would I be boxed in even more? How would I live and have to move around?” Rose said.

“I hate living with boundaries. It kills me when I go on vacation and I just know people are chilling there as a dentist or somebody with a regular job,” he continued. “They’re able to live the life to just walk around freely, and I’m jealous of that, because deep down I want that, but I can’t have it, so be careful for what you pray for because you’ll never know how it’ll turn out.” Rose added.