Minnesota Timberwolves Ryan Saunders
Photo: Brandon Dill/Associated Press

Minnesota Timberwolves do not intend to fire head coach Ryan Saunders, as confirmed by the team’s owner Glen Taylor.

The Timberwolves are only 16-37 on the season and will most likely miss the playoffs for the second straight season. However, the team has no plans to part ways with coach Saunders.

“No, no, no, he is hired. A young guy and he is going to get better as time goes on and we just have to give him that time. [Saunders] is excited about this change that now he has guys that can play the kind of basketball he wants.

He is really a believer in the three-point shot, moving the ball fast, and getting up and down the court. He needed some players that were better three-point shooters than what we had previously,” Taylor said about Saunders, via Sid Hartman of the Star Tribune.