Ramunas Siskauskas decided to end his career as a basketball player. The unexpected decision to retire of a two-time Euroleague champion was announced via CSKA Moscow official website.

The 33-year-old forward completed his pro career with a Russian league title. Though the last highlight of his career will be the one Siskauskas would like to forget.

During the famous Euroleague Final in Istanbul between Olympiacos and CSKA Moscow Siskauskas was sent to the free-throw line with 10 seconds on the game clock. He missed both of his free-throws and CSKA ended up losing 62-61.

“Siskauskas is a decent, intelligent person, a great family man. It is an incredible pleasure to talk with him, his wife Edita, his children. His unchanging calm and amazing friendliness helped maintain a warm microclimate within the team. I sincerely wish Ramunas and his family to fully enjoy life after sport. We are always glad to see them in Moscow. Ramunas is the person I was always able to lay upon, on and off the court. His experience, tremendous skills, wisdom has become an important parts of CSKA success. Ramunas proved that he can do everything on the court, he is able to solve any task by the coach.” Andrei Vatutin, CSKA Moscow President, said to the club’s website.

At his prime Siskauskas was widely labelled as the best small forward in Europe. Even without this year’s Euroleague trophy, Lithuanian forward has a really impressive collection of titles:

Lithuanian Championship (2000, 2002)
Lithuanian League MVP (2001)
Italian Cup (2005)
Italian Championship (2006)
Italian League Finals MVP (2006)
Greek Cup (2007)
3x All-Euroleague Second Team (2007, 2009, 2010)
2x Euroleague Champion (2007, 2008)
Greek Championship (2007)
Lithuanian Sportsman of the Year (2007)
All-Euroleague First Team (2008)
Euroleague MVP (2008)
Russian Championship (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)
Russian League Player of the Year (2008)
United League MVP (2008)
Euroleague 2001-10 All-Decade Team
VTB United League Champion (2012)

2000 Olympics- Bronze Medal
EuroBasket 2003 – Gold Medal
EuroBasket 2007 – Bronze Medal

It is unlikely that Ramunas Siskauskas will change his decision. After 2008 Beijing Olympics he announced his retirement from the national team and he never changed his mind despite several attempts to bring him back.