London 2012 basketball draw – LIVE BLOG

Follow the live TalkBasket blog as the draw for the Olympic Games in London.

1600 – Hello all, John Hobbs here. And straight away, I refuse to actually blog until the draw starts, so I’m off for a quick coffee. Laters.

1614 – Nearly 15 minutes.. not bad. Women’s draw seconds away.

1615 – USA to be drawn in Group A of the women’s draw. Australia in Group B.

1618 – Brazil and Great Britain in Group B. Angola and China in Group A.

1619 – Russia also in Group B.

1621 – Group A: USA, China, Angola, Q1, Q2, Q4. Group B: Australia, Brazil, Russia, Great Britain, Q3, Q5.

1625 – Men’s draw seconds away…

1627 – USA in Group A. Spain in Group B.

1628 – France in Group A, Australia in Group B.

1632 – Argentina, Tunisia in Group A. Group B will house Brazil, China and Great Britain.

1640 – Group A: USA, France, Argentina, Tunisia, Q1, Q2. Group B: Spain, Australia, Brazil, China, Great Britain, Q3.

1641 – That’s it! The draw is done. Great Britain avoid USA and I think coach Chris Finch will be happy with that draw. Thoughts welcome as always. Facebook us or get at us on Twitter. Bye for now.