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With the Supreme Court of the United States striking down the Professional and Amateur Act or PASPA of 1992 in May 2018, many states have already moved towards its legislation. Some states that have already legalized and launched betting are states of New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island, and New Jersey.

There are already a total of 20 states that have signed betting into law and this includes the state of North Carolina. It was in July of 2019 when Governor Roy Cooper signed the S 154 bill which made betting legal in the state.

This bill finally allows sports wagers to be accepted by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians that will be operating in two casinos in the Appalachian Mountains. When it comes to online betting, there are still restrictions in the state.

Online betting is restricted to daily fantasy sports and online lottery games only and this is why people who play online casino games in North Carolina are still placing bets with offshore casinos. Online casinos like MBit Casino are usually the ones that players visit if a state isn’t keen on online casino games yet.

Despite the restrictions, some of the locals who still would like to play casino games visit the tribal casinos in the state. Still, North Carolina is surely losing potential revenue from this. 

Despite the lack of mobile betting, local punters are still happy to be able to place bets on collegiate sports as well as other states don’t allow this just yet. However, the restrictions on mobile betting can still affect the revenue that the state will get.

New York is one of the states that have already signed betting into law with the hopes that it could bring in more revenue. However, the state still doesn’t allow online or mobile betting. This is despite the fact that Senator Joseph Addabbo Jr. included this in the bill that helped New York legalize betting. Online wagering was just never brought up during the discussion to finally legalize betting in the state.

Now, because of the lack of mobile betting, the state of New York is still not getting its target revenue. New York punters are not that keen to travel upstate and visit the licensed land casinos to place their bets.

Recent reports found that New York punters would rather place their bets in New Jersey with their mobile devices. They do this by getting on the train and hopping off on a New Jersey station. New Jersey allows anyone to place bets in their state as long as the person is within its borders. This is why this is an easier solution for the punters in New York.

During the weekends, pub and bar owners would also notice the influx of New York tourists on their mobile devices to place bets. Basically, New Jersey is gaining so much from what New York is not giving its locals at the moment.

New York’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo, still appears disinterested with legalizing online betting in the state, but Senator Addabbo remains hopeful. Cuomo didn’t include online wagering in his 2020 budget but Addabbo said they still have until April to make Cuomo bring it in.

This is something that North Carolina may experience with its restriction when it comes to online betting. Fantasy sports and the online lottery would still bring in a good amount of revenue, but allowing all forms of online betting in the state would still make a huge difference.

After all, the casinos that will be licensed to take in bets are all located on the western border of the state. Locals who’d like to place their bets outside that border are still more likely to place their bets with offshore bookies.

It’s still hard to tell whether North Carolina will eventually have online betting in place without restrictions. When the people would be able to place bets once again isn’t even known yet. Unfortunately, the Super Bowl fans in the state were still unable to place local bets.

The hold-up is stemming from the issues that the Tribal gaming has with the state. The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and North Carolina officials are still working on the issue, but until then betting operations have been suspended.

 The Tribe already sent a proposal for amendments to Governor Cooper and this is only good for 180 days. This means that Cooper has to already approve or deny the proposal by November. It is likely that wagering will only be available by next year’s Super Bowl.