Photo: Clutchpoints

As the time to the NBA All-Star weekend is getting closer and fans are talking about all the fun stuff that will happen at All-Star weekend, looks to superstars athletes, who are masters in other sports fields, but have some NBA-like abilities.

This time we look to soccer‘s prodigy Cristiano Ronaldo. In a Serie A (Italian top flight) soccer match between Juventus and Sampdoria, Ronaldo demonstrated his ability to jump, when he reached a ball, which was 2.56 cm high and banged it with his head, scoring a tremendous goal. Cristiano Ronaldo vertical leap was 71 cm (28 inches) when scoring that wondrous goal.

According to statistics, 71 cm is an average vertical leap, that is performed by NBA players. You can watch and evaluate Ronaldo‘s jumping ability in the video below.