Pesic: I am not counting on Nowitzki

New Germany head coach Svetislav Pesic says he won’t call up Dirk Nowitzki this summer, as he called out the German Federation for depending too much on him.

“Everyone depended a bit on him, the Federation and the other players of the NT. The hided behind him. Nowitzki is great, but he always was the problem solver. Too often they thought ‘Dirk will take care of it’.

“I am not counting on Nowitzki for the Eurobasket qualifications. I believe he is not counting on an invitation by me either. He needs tranquility, he has to rest during the summer and think about his future. Of course I will talk with him on his plans” said Pesic to the Suddeutsche Zeitung.

Pesic also said that he will try to focus on younger players, as the German Federation promotes: “I will talk to the coaches of the junior NT’s. I will then see what the concept of promoting youths worth is and analyze the results. In theory we are World Champions in “selling” concepts and press conferences. I have already experienced this in Germany in the past a couple of times.” he said.