Jimmy Butler on Kevin Durant: “KD is a legit offensive weapon”

Photo: interbasket.net

Miami Heat swingman Jimmy Butler gave five players that are toughest for him to guard in his post on The Players Tribune. The Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant, who recovers from a torn Achilles injury, is the third on the list:

“First of all, he’s seven foot.

Wait … is it seven feet, or seven foot

I think it’s seven foot, because you wouldn’t say, “He’s a seven-feeter….”

You know what? We’re just gonna say seven.

KD is seven.

It’s like, he can post you up because he’s seven. He can dunk on you because he’s seven. And he can shoot over you – he’ll be like, “You’re there? Don’t care … still shooting.” And there’s nothing you can do about it.

I don’t really remember a lot of the one-on-one matchups I’ve had against KD. I mean, I’m 30 now. I’m getting old. My memory is losing itself. But one thing I do remember was watching him my rookie year when he was in OKC. I was on the bench, watching him run the floor, and it looked so … effortless. And what was most impressive was that he dictated the pace of the entire game. Everyone else was at his mercy. And that’s the mark of a great player. In this league, with so many talented and athletic guys on the floor, for one guy to be like, I’m in control here. We’re going to do what I want to do and play at my speed….

It’s pretty ridiculous.

And he’s been doing that since he came into the league.

KD is a legit offensive weapon. To shoot like he can and also have the speed to run the floor, handles like a point guard and the athleticism to finish at the rim … and do it all at seven?

That’s cheat-code stuff,” Butler said of Durant.