LaMarcus Aldridge posted 33 points, 23 rebounds and 5 assists and lead the Blazers to victory over hosts Raptors by 94-84.

Melo’s 35 were not enough against visiting Bucks who were lead by Jennings with 36.

Howard scored 21 and downed 23 rebounds to lead Magic to victory over visiting Lakers.

All the results:

Portland Trailblazers94-84Toronto Raptors
Atlanta Hawks76-90Philadelphia 76ers
Denver Nuggets108-104Washington Wizards
Phoenix Suns79-71Boston Celtics
Milwaukee Bucks100-86New York Knicks
Memphis Grizzlies98-81Detroit Pistons
Chicago Bulls114-75Cleveland Cavaliers
Los Angeles Lakers80-92Orlando Magic
Sacramento Kings88-86San Antonio Spurs
Minnesota Timberwolves101-98Los Angeles Clippers
Indiana Pacers94-91Golden State Warriors

This was the 7th straight loss for the Raptors.

Toe injury keeps Rose out for 3rd straight game.

Deron Williams is likely to leave if Nets don’t get Dwight Howard. Possible destinations: Lakers, Mavs, Knicks.

Danny Ainge will wait at least 10 more games before exploring trading options for Garnett, Pierce and Allen.

Kobe’s wife Vanessa filed a divorce and asked for 75 million dollars and the three mansions the couple owns in Los Angeles.

Big Baby Davis received a technical for pulling down his shorts. Check the video bellow.

Spike Lee gave Barack Obama personalized Air Jordan shoes.

Yesterday’s top plays:


All the action:


Kevin Love’s buzzer beater:


Davis’ technical: